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Why Every E-Commerce Business Needs a Blog?


Everyone wants more targeted traffic to their site. Content marketing and blogging generates traffic to your site. Few B2B and B2C businesses fully grasp the importance of content marketing and blogging for driving targeted website traffic and as part of their intergrated markeing and public relatons campaign plan.

Many B2B and B2C companies believe the only way to generate sales is direct sales. However, it is not the only way. Nurturing your email list, handling inventory, and even cold calling to generate new customers will only take you to a certain point. If all your time is spent attempting to convert customers, you will be neglecting reasons for potential customers to discover your business online in the first place.

Consistent blog posts drive traffic to your website because it improves your overall SEO; blogging lets you tell brand stories that convert visitors into customers, and improves the chances of engagement, not only on social media but also traditional media. Having a strategic blog increases the chances of being picked up by a news site, positioning you and your business as a credible source. It is essential that your business begins a content marketing campaign right away after speaking with a B2B or B2C content marketing agency.

Blogging Helps Your Website’s SEO for the Following Reasons:

  • Blogging increases the number of pages for your site. More website pages mean more internal links directing to your homepage.
  • While internal links are fantastic and should be part of your SEO strategy, high-quality links from other sites to your blog are even better. When a blog from your website gets shared on other sites and social media, your page ranking begins to improve. Quite often, B2B and B2C companies want to link to their product pages, resist that temptation because it is easier to generate backlinks from the interesting and engaging blog rather than product pages.
  • Maintaining a regular blog sends signals to Google or other search engines that your site is active and being updated consistently. Every new page is a sign that your site is active. Google sees everything and rewards consistent blogging by ranking your website higher in results.
  • Working with an integrated marketing agency for your B2B and B2C blog can help you be more strategic with your blog and improve your ranking for specific long tail key phrases through keyword research and buyer persona development.
  • Public relations and content marketing benifit your website’s SEO and improves the overall performance of the content marketing campaign.

    Blogging, as part of an integrated B2B or B2C marketing and an expert public relations campaign is a fantastic way to build your audience, and subsequently, generate more website traffic and sales!


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