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Why Creating Buyer Personas is Vital for B2C Marketing Success


At Dreamweaver Brand Communications, a leading South Florida marketing, and public relations agency, we develop buyer personas for our B2B and B2C traditional and digital marketing clients.

To illustrate the importance of buyer personas for your business’s marketing success, let’s examine hospitality marketing, specifically resorts. Mega-resorts have a variety of room types and itineraries, options at today’s mega-resorts are almost endless. Factor in family unit types, income levels, and activity preferences, mega-resorts need to appeal to a diverse audience. By creating buyer personas, hospitality marketing companies can predict with a high degree of certainty the types rooms, food & beverage and entertainment selections that are most likely to appeal to a particular buyer persona.

Developing buyer personas is a proven modeling method; testing, and analyzing abstract audience demographic information and data morphing the data into a real person. Cynthia Srednicki, CEO & CMO at Dreamweaver Brand Communications states “Taking the time to create buyer personas is essential for traditional and digital marketing. Creating buyer personas takes into account all of the data points and puts a human face on the data. Instead of throwing darts at a particular demographic you are using a laser to target the exact target audience.”

By incorporating buyer personas into your traditional, digital and content marketing plan, you can then generate content and brand messaging that is appealing to each audience segment. The saying “one size fits all” has no place in tradtional or digital marketing.

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