Growth Marketing for Technology and SaaS Companies

You are a technology company looking to leverage next-generation marketing-communications solutions to raise your profile and drive business growth.
We are business growth hackers and innovative communicators focused on growth marketing for the technology industry.

Growth Marketing for Technology and SaaS Companies

Fast-growing technology companies need effective high-tech, multi-channel brand communications. Your technology company needs a marketing and public relations agency who gets technology and is agile and built for speed in the rapidly changing technology marketplace.

Yes, your technology product or SaaS is differentiated and perhaps disruptive. However, you need a brand communications partner who knows how take your technology product or SaaS and position it for success – to effectively communicate its unique value proposition and differentiate you in a competitive and crowded marketplace.

We understand that technology savvy customers expect to find high-tech companies ranking high in search engine results and to find your company leader positioned as though leaders, your industry perspectives through public relations and content marketing, product information and of course both corporate and customer reviews. While technology reporters often turn to social media, blogs, and RSS feeds to find story idea, Dreamweaver Brand Communications has longstanding, deep rooted journalist relationships with some of the top technology publications and writers, placing your technology story front and center with the journalist or publication.

Our team of technology marketers and technology PR specialists leverage first personal journalistic relationships and then the latest technologies to develop and deploy the latest brand communications tools that target our technology clients’ target audiences and further establish them as leading technology experts, thought leaders and solution providers.

At Dreamweaver Brand Communications, our technology brand communications experience taught our team of specialists that to help our clients achieve the success they require, buzz words and bells and whistles don’t cut it. Markets shift, technology evolves, and the news media and media cycle change. By keeping a close pulse on the technology industry with personal relationships and by deploying the right strategies and tactics at the right moment give you the competitive advantage.

The efficacy of our technology programs is rooted in three core principles:

  1. Growth-cycle marketing: At Dreamweaver Brand Communications we understand that for technology and SaaS companies to grow to the next stage, we must develop and execute marketing and brand communications strategies that are custom-tailored to fit their specific growth stage and current market position in the technology or SaaS marketplace.
  2. Agile planning: We know that our technology and SaaS clients and the technology industry as a whole are in a constant state of change, and we are tracking a moving target through longstanding industry connections and modern marketing and public relations technology. Our technology marketing and brand communications programs are not simple roadmaps or plans that we create and develop at the beginning of Q1 to guide the technology brand and us from month to month. We keep a close pulse on and are engaged in our clients’ industries and continuously assess and modify our brand communications and marketing approach to leverage new opportunities and technologies and overcome any and all potential obstacles that may arise during the normal course of business. Our strategic agile planning model and process ensures that we best leverage resources, technology, and people and maximize positive outcomes for our professional service clients. 
  3. Multi-disciplinary approach: At DBC we know delivering the right messaging in the right medium is mission critical. That is why we have technology and SaaS marketing and brand communications experts in place to identify the proper strategic messaging for every channel to engage your target audiences and have them take action.Dreamweaver Brand Communications integrated marketing programs combine PR, media relations, influencer marketing, crisis communications, consumer marketing, coalition building, social media, and digital marketing to help our technology and SaaS achieve their business and growth goals.
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