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American manufactures of innovative products are vital to our local and national economies. US-based manufactures design, build and distribute essential parts, components, engines, machines, electrical components, high-tech devices across the globe. The diverse group of US manufacturing companies produces innovative and differentiated products providing solutions with their products for businesses large and small. With every innovative design and product, there typically is an extraordinary story behind each manufactured product. Why does your product exist, what is your product’s USP, how does it work, and why is it more innovative and far superior than a low-cost substitute or competitor.

Communicating to the B2B marketplace these differentiators initially is challenging because “price” and “product specifications” typically are the top of mind questions. Established, American based manufacturers who once focused on R&D, penetrating new markets and avenues for growth now find themselves working and maintaining existing, often waning legacy accounts, taking orders, or competing in an RFP based on price and specifications. Since American manufacturing transformed to compete with China, Vietnam, and India, manufacturers lost the zest internally for their products and became solely focused on remaining competitive and in some cases just remaining solvent.

Fortunately, Dreamweaver Brand Communications is the solution for manufacturing marketing. We understand how American manufacturing has transformed and can modernize a manufacturing company’s marketing, re-engage legacy accounts and develop new revenue channels. Along with the transformation in American based manufacturing, B2B marketing too evolved.

Outdated sales collateral and product descriptions are no longer enough. The buyer’s journey has changed dramatically, purchasing managers, production mangers, and engineers are educated and informed like never before. The marketing solution for manufacturers begins from within. Your team knows that your products are innovative and superior, but most importantly your team has an intimate appreciation for every product differentiator and can communicate those well internally but not externally.

Dreamweaver Brand Communications manufacturing marketing respects your products, history, traditions, and your existing team and reengages and reenergizes them. Through a series of interviews with members of your team, reviewing current and past marketing initiatives, a SWOT workshop and an analysis of your competitors our team then develops rich B2B content  marketing materials so buyers will have the information needed during their decision-making process and the buyer journey.

While each manufacturing company is unique, the following manufacturing content marketing strategies must be utilized to communicate with the global market place and to protect the brand from further market share loss:

B2B Blog: Manufacturers who maintain a consistent B2B blog can see an increase of over 1000% more web traffic than those companies who do not blog.

Video: Video is rapidly becoming the go-to method for consumers seeking information about your product. Manufacturers can benefit from video marketing through providing product tutorials, product descriptions, and product reviews.

Case Studies: Showcasing why and how clients successfully utilized your products and services provide potential clients positive customer experiences and positive outcomes.

Whitepapers: This document type is ideal to document the mechanics, science, and technology behind your product. Whitepapers engage and help your engineer and purchasing manager client base to obtain an in-depth understanding of your products and services.

eBooks: This downloadable content asset type provides lead generation while providing the reader valuable information about your product and services.

Webinars: Companies utilize webinars to connect with their audiences intimately. Webinars are educational presentations about your products and services. To encourage webinar attendance, an email reminder is sent out before the webinar to those individuals who signed up for it through your website.

Except for the blog and video content, case studies, whitepapers, eBooks, and webinars can be only accessible if the reader or viewer provides their information in exchange for your content. Now with their name, phone number, job title, and email address, you can begin to market to them.

All of the above strategies can be defined simply as Inbound Marketing. An informed and educated buyer can respect and appreciate your USP and product differentiators. Partnering with the right agency is a win for both your customers and your sales team. Your customers have the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions while your sales team gain more leads and new sales tools.

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