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How to Market Your First Pop-Up Shop


For brands without a large retail footprint and e-commerce businesses, pop-up shops are rapidly becoming increasingly popular for both established and emerging brands. Pop-up shops allow both brick & mortar and e-commerce only brands to drive sales and increase brand awareness with strategic, temporary physical locations.

For decades, companies have used pop-up shops as part of their overall marketing plan. However, with social media marketing and advertising, digital marketing, and influencer marketing, pop-up shops are more attractive and cost-effective than ever before.

What is a Pop-Up Shop?

A pop-up shop is a physical store front with set expiration dates. According to Cynthia Srednicki, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Marketing Officer of Dreamweaver Brand Communications states “Pop-up shops take up temporary residence in strategic areas with high foot traffic. These location could be on the pool deck at a high-end resort selling swim and resort wear during peak season or at an indoor mall by the food court or outside of an anchor store selling fashion or technology products.”

Both large and small B2C and B2B businesses have utilized pop-up storefronts over the years, however, what differentiates successful pop-up shops and from unsuccessful ones is their pop-up shop marketing. In order execute a successful pop-up shop and have positive ROI, a brand should partner with an integrated marketing agency for strategic pop-up shop marketing, integrated public relations, leverage influencer marketing and for flawless execution.

Six Pop-Up Shop Marketing Tips for Success

Marketing a pop-up storefront is not significantly different from marketing any other type of special event. There are some strategic B2B and B2C integrated marketing techniques a brand or business can utilize to achieve increased ROI, increased brand awareness, and overall better results.

1) Use Pop-Up Shops with Integrated Public Relations to Garner Media Attention

Pop-up shop events are an excellent opportunity for additional media attention as part of your integrated marketing and public relations strategy. Some media attention will occur organically and actively pursue additional media attention. From choosing a strategic pop-up shop location, press previews, teaser social media posts, social media advertising, launch parties with social media influencers, sponsored events and strategically coordinated activities on the day(s) of the pop-up shop, there are plenty of opportunities to garner additional attention. Working with an integrated marketing and public relations agency can maximize the press opportunities to increase the success of a brand’s pop-up shop further.

2) Leverage Influencer Marketing

One of the biggest strategic pop-up shop marketing opportunities is leveraging influencer marketing. Celebrity and social media influencers are valuable because they are individuals, with an engaged and devoted audience, who continuously seek out new information and new opportunities they can share with others. Gerard T. Rogan, COO of Dreamweaver Brand Communications states “They want to know what’s new, what’s hot, the latest trends, just as a traditional reporter would. If you can deliver that message to them and have them attend your pop-up shop to make a special appearance, you will capture your next fan and next customer.”

Many clients hire Dreamweaver Brand Communications to find, vet and make a list of influencers with your niche. Depending on the pop-up shop model, a brand can leverage influencer marketing for a pop-up shop by having them host a pre-launch party, having them appear at your pop-up shop they day of and of course having them share both visuals and video on social media to their followers.

3) Utilize Instagram Stories and Facebook Live Video Streaming

Stand out and integrate live streaming video and showcase different parts of the pop-up storefront experience either at the launch party, throughout the pop-up shop experience, or at strategic points during the pop-up shop leveraging the social media influencers you selected. Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are popular social media platforms with live video capability. Video content is rapidly becoming one of the top social media marketing networking tools at a brand’s disposal.

To stand out in the B2B or B2C marketplace, try Facebook Live or Instagram Stories to make your pop-up shop accessible to all. You could use Instagram Live with your social media influencer to announce their arrival or if you are bold enough, have your influencer do a “takeover” of your channel for a short time. Other strategic social media ideas for strategic pop-up shop marketing include using Facebook Live to highlight new products, interview customer or use Instagram Stories for behind the scenes footage, interview new clients or even show off the location you selected for the pop-up shop. These strategic tools are at your disposal to drive brand awareness and engagement and improve pop-up shop ROI. Utilizing live video is a cool tool for staying relevant and sparking real-time conversations about the pop-up shop. Clients look to Dreamweaver Brand Communications to plan, organize, implement and measure this type of marketing technique onsite so you can remain focused on providing a superior customer experience.

4) Strategic Pop-Up Shop Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a critical role in the months, weeks, days leading up to your pop-up shop launch. At Dreamweaver, we support our clients by crafting strategic B2C and B2B content depending on the customer. We then generate a content marketing calendar based on the pop-up shop event and publish the content in strategic locations, including your company’s website, and other appropriate online and print locations to maximize exposure, further build brand and event awareness and also paint a realistic on how awesome the pop-up shop will be.

The goals of the pop-up shop content marketing efforts are to generate media interest, create social media buzz, and get people excited to attend. After the pop-up shop launches, the objective is to that fans and customers who attend will then self-publish their user generated content – videos, images, video reviews, etc. with the designated brand hashtags to expand the posts reach. Aligning with an integrated marketing agency enables you to remain focused and engaging and delighting individual customers.

5) Use Contests and Promotions for Your Pop-Up Store

We all know people love to win things and now more than ever when someone wins something they tend to share it on social media. Whether it is a gift card to your brand’s pop-up store or a free item: then the idea of winning engages consumers and draws them closer to your brand.

During the buildup to the pop-shop event, integrating the contest in your content marketing and social media advertising is a great way to increase brand awareness and improve attendance.

Run a contest or promotion using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or all three. Encourage current and potential customers to share photos of the pop-up, taking selfies with your products and goods or even a positive product vide review and utilize the designated hashtags for a chance to win a prize. Both Cynthia and Gerard, the founders and leadership team of Dreamweaver Brand Communications, agree that to increase engagement a prize is a fantastic way increase your social media reach and impressions. Your budget dictates what the prize is, but it could be a free product or a gift card to your store. It is important to ensure that it is worth the consumer’s time to participate and for the brand to honor the prize giveaway.

6) Carry the Energy, Excitement and Momentum Over

Pop-up shops are much work however often generate great results when executed flawlessly. When the pop-up shop comes to a close at the particular location, it is vital to leverage the buzz and attention garnered during the pop-up shop event and carry it over to your next event or if it is not already, integrate into your current marketing and public relations campaign.

Before the pop-up shop even closes up, your integrated marketing and PR agency should have your next announcement approved and ready to go while the pop-up shop remains fresh in people’s minds.

In the age of social media and with content consumption at all time highs, your brands 15 minutes of fame will come and go quicker than ever before. The spotlight you worked hard to gain, will vanish if you delay At Dreamweaver Brand Communications we support our clients with an integrated marketing, social, and PR campaign plan is ready to agile and builds brand momentum.

Strong Integrated Marketing and Public Relations is a Must for a Succesful Pop-Up Shop

For B2B and B2C businesses, e-commerce business, and other businesses with or with limited brick and mortar presence, pop-up up shops are an excellent opportunity for increasing brand awareness, attracting foot traffic, and most importantly meeting customers face-to-face. Strategic marketing and public relations is a must to execute a successful pop-up storefront that is profitable, increases brand awareness, and builds momentum. Once the pop-up shop is over, the real work begins.

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