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Why Public Relations Is Important for Manufacturing Companies?


Unless SEC Regulations govern your company, the manufacturing industry does not do an excellent job of sharing their solutions and results with trade media, news outlets, and even on their website’s news section.  With such a long B2B sales cycles, manufacturing PR plays a vital part in the education, awareness, and consideration phase of potential customers.

As the owner or president of a manufacturing or industrial company, you are an expert in design, engineering, and production of specialty parts or products – not experts in digital and traditional public relations to increase brand awareness. Manufacturing companies that do not leverage public relations will continue to experience their market share growing smaller and smaller year over year. While your company has loyal customers, the marketplace has never been more competitive and increasing brand awareness through public relations will drive credibility and even sales with your current customers and with new customers within your industry or the industries you serve.

Similar to precision manufacturing, traditional and digital public relations are specialized disciplines with unique tactics and strategies depending on the industry and type of campaign. As an agency that specializes in B2B PR campaigns, we can help your manufacturing company in the following ways:

  • Branding:

    As a precision manufacturer, your products and solutions are often technical, therefore communicating about your products and services can be challenging. Specialized, manufacturing public relations professionals can help translate technical specifications and other product specs into digestible points of interest for both customers and media alike. Also, PR professionals can weave your USP and brand story into your branding to reinforce your brand message and simultaneously provide vital technical information to potential buyers.

  • Credibility:

    Your manufacturing company did not earn credibility overnight and a poorly executed PR campaign can destroy your credibility with buyers and within your industry. Strategic manufacturing PR involves targeted outreach to media but also the integration of digital B2B content marketing using technical white papers, line sheets, blogs, infographics, and even YouTube videos to further establish your company’s credibility within your industry and core customers.

  • Face-to-Face Brand Awareness:

    Attending and exhibiting at industry trade shows is a highly effective method to meet your target audience, engage with current customers, and re-engage with dormant customers or sales leads. Manufacturing PR professionals can assist your company in refining your existing trade show presence, integrate experiential marketing into your booth to stand out from your competitors, and find new shows for you to attend. Also, manufacturing PR experts can assist your company in reaching out to attendees before, during, and after the show for maximum exposure and ROI.

    Dreamweaver Brand Communication’s manufacturing public relations services integrate seamlessly with your company’s communication department. Focus on manufacturing and allow us to strengthen your digital and traditional media presence and increase your brand awareness and allow us to position your company as a leader within your industry. 

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