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Influencer Marketing: What is the Price for the Perfect Post?


With influencer marketing, one thing is for certain a strategically executed campaign with the right influencer can do amazing things for a client by generating buzz, increasing brand visibility, awareness, and even driving sales.

Having an agency partner who can effectively and efficiently build out and execute an influencer marketing campaign is vital.  Working with an agency such as Dreamweaver Brand Communications, specializing in influencers, social, long-term brand ambassadors and celebrity campaigns can help brands pinpoint and leverage impactful messaging for a campaign.  An experienced influencer marketing agency partner will ensure the message is communicated effectively and appropriately delivered by identifying the right influencers that fit with your brand and then working with those influencers on the perfect post for your brand’s message based on their audience base.

While influencer pricing fluctuates. Influencer compensation is dependent on a variety of factors such as exclusivity, campaign specifications, experience, and engagement ratios just to name a few.  Cynthia Srednicki, CEO of Dreamweaver Brand Communications says: “Pricing out influencer posts is part science, part art, and part experience. Depending on the platform and campaign, pixels, CPC (cost per click) or CPM (click per minute) sometimes do not apply.” COO of Dreamweaver Gerard T. Rogan commented: “Influencer fees per post often range from a few hundred dollars to tens of millions of dollars because of the slew of factors that go into one post including image and usage rights, engagement rates, following size, and of course exclusivity.”

While there is no pricing rule book, intangible factors like celebrity cache associated with an influencer can dictate payment terms, requirements like a celebrity photographer to take the photos for the campaign, and travel  will increase the influencer’s fee.  The more that is required of an influencer in regard to the campaign, the type of post photo vs. video, designated hashtags, or copy generation, the more they can command regarding pricing.

An experienced influencer marketer and negotiator can get the best value for your brand.  For example, if your brand has something that is of value to the influencer, your agency can negotiate and leverage that to reduce the cost of the influencer post.  Surprisingly, many influential micro-influencers will do a full-trade deal because they either like and use your product or want to raise their profile by collaborating with established brands.

Before approaching an influencer, contact an experienced agency first. Engaging an influencer marketing agency enables your agency to speak on behalf of your brand from a position of experience, knowledge and confidence with the different influencer marketing campaigns, therefore, strengthening your negotiating position.

With Dreamweaver Brand Communications as your partner agency, we understand both the technical and strategic sides of influencer marketing such as reach, engagement, and audience demographics.  Utilizing data, over 20 years of experience, and with Dreamweaver as your partner agency, we deliver the influencer engagement level your brand deserves without breaking the bank.

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