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Fashion PR & Marketing Tips for Emerging and Established Brands


The fashion industry is a multi-trillion-dollar global industry and shows no signs of slowing down.

Fashion United reports the global apparel market value at over 3 trillion dollars, 3,000 billion dollars. Surviving in the fashion industry is difficult. Consumer demands are irregular, short product life cycles and global supply chains are just some of the challenges new and established fashion brands face. Also, the competition is intense due to the creative nature of fashion icons and ever changing fashion trends. To top it off, often people associate glamor with fashion which attracts many individuals in an already saturated market. At Dreamweaver Brand Communications, we utilize creative fashion marketing and public relations strategies and tactics for your brand to upstage the competition and rule beyond the runway.

Brand Ambassadors: Influencer & Micro-Influencer Campaigns
Influencer marketing is going to be a dominate force in fashion marketing, social media advertising, and fashion PR. For over 20 years, Dreamweaver Celebrity and Influencer Marketing has matched brands with influencers with great success. For those that are not familiar about brand ambassador(s) in a nutshell, it is an influential person within your target market who uses social media posts and blogging to popularize your fashion products. Brand ambassadors or influencers are not only celebrities like well-known singers or actors, but also athletes, popular mommy bloggers, and social media personalities. With your target audience and budget in mind, we match your fashion label with influencers or micro-influencers. These individuals would now be brand ambassadors for your fashion line and promote your label through their social media channels. Not every celebrity or influencer is the right fit for your brand, so it is important that the “fit” be good for your fashion label and the influencer. Influencer marketing is a cost effective type of promotion that resonates well with target audiences because the consumer does not feel like they are being sold. When executed skillfully, influencer marketing campaigns for fashion labels not only builds brand awareness it also will drive sales!

Press Releases: They Work but Use Them Cautiously
Dreamweaver Fashion Public Relations  strategically leveraged press releases to our client’s benefit. However, with digital public relations and so much information available to the consumer via the Internet, a well-written press release often will get overlooked. As an experienced and connected public relations and marketing agency, we produce and pitch press releases that announce significant brand milestones. Fashion milestones include the announcement of a new brand, an announcement for your latest collection, announcing a new brand ambassador or even an announcement about an upcoming event at your brick and mortar location. As fashion PR experts, our agency can obtain top editorial placements for our fashion clients through pitching. That is why the title of this section includes the word “cautiously.” Just because you have a media list and are going to send out a mass email with your announcement does not guarantee placement or position your brand in the best possible light. Public relations experts have contacts and a unique skill set to not only get your story placed but more importantly get it placed in the best possible publication to position your fashion brand in the best possible light. An SEO optimized press release, composed of captivating researched keywords that target your audience and engage readers is a must.

Event Marketing: Not Just for Big Bands Anymore
Fashion event marketing no longer means fashion shows or buyer events. Brands small and large have expanded their brand marketing to include in-store events and off-site pop-up shops. For established and emerging fashion brands with a brick & mortar storefront have the unique opportunity to host events at their location. Typically, these fashion brands partner with a connected event marketing and PR agency to “book” events in their store. Using their Rolodex of connections, they can have non-profits and other organizations come to your store for an event. For example, Dreamweaver Brand Communications partnered Trina Turk and a well-known charity Camillus House to celebrate their philanthropic work in the community. This event not only increased brand awareness with their target audience, but it was also for a good cause and obtained excellent post event press coverage including television.


Another event marketing option for fashion brands is a pop-up shop at a top resort where you target audience is relaxing and leverage it on social media. Whether your event is small or large, planning the perfect event takes hard work, dedication, and skill yet they can be very beneficial for your brand.

Whether you are an established fashion brand with a store in Miami in need of a fresh energized approach for event marketing, PR and influencer marketing or an emerging brand in NY with seed money and want to maximize your PR and marketing dollars, contact Dreamweaver Brand Communications to rule beyond the runway!

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