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Why is Social Media Important to Fashion Brands?

The battle between emerging and established fashion brands increases daily but brands whose speed of reaction to social media trends continue to win the hearts
and minds of consumers. 
Young women increasingly are influenced by visual content 
by what they see on apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, as well as what is worn by celebrities. Emerging fashion brands have jumped on these new consumer trends while established brands continue to up their marketing, public relations, influencer marketing, and social media marketing to compete.The fashion industry is vital to the global economy. It supports 57.8 million jobs and the global apparel market is valued over 3 trillion dollars and accounts for 2 percent of the world’s GDP. Keep in mind the global fashion industry includes many sub-categories including menswear, sportswear, and of course womenswear.Dreamweaver Brand Communications CEO & CMO, Cynthia Srednicki believes “Right now, social media is not only inspiring designers, but it is also simultaneously influencing young women in their style and purchasing decisions. Social media is inclusive, girls and young women want to see others who look like them, that they can relate to about fashion as opposed to imagery driven through print magazines for many, many years. Disruptive fashion brands have recognized this and subsequently not only jumped on the latest trends they are eating away at market share of established fashion brands. Just as fashion trends evolve, the fashion industry continues to evolve with new technology. In the past year, nearly 7 out of 10 women have bought clothes online. This year online fashion sales increased to an astonishing 24% of total fashion spend, up  17% since 2013. Gerard T. Rogan, COO of Dreamweaver Brand Communications believes “I expect retail to continue to remain fast-paced. Successful fashion brands will embrace the multi-channel aspect of the modern shopper. Furthermore, consumers are blending the channels. They are shopping online, browsing in the store and then shopping on their phone. Fashion brands must have an efficient supply chain, strong digital customer service, and be agile enough to react to fashion trends. This new sales cycle is an opportunity for established fashion brands Gerard T. Rogan goes on to say “Integrating the online experience with the in-store experience, getting to know their customers better, and personalizing their experience with the right product at the right time is where successful fashion brands want to be.”The battle between emerging and established fashion brands will continue. The competition will continue to be fierce, agile, and nimble as the fashion landscape evolves.

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