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What is NAP and is it Important for SEO? | Digital Marketing Fort Lauderdale


NAP is the acronym for Name, Address, and Phone Number. NAP is a critical factor for local search engine marketing SEO and has a direct influence on which companies Google and other search engines show for local intent searches. Typically, digital marketing professionals refer to NAP data found on the web as citations. A citation is when your business’s NAP data appears on directory sites like YellowPages.com, Yelp, Angie’s List, online newspaper articles, niche industry directories and even your company’s Facebook page are considered citations.

According to Moz’s 2017 Local Search Ranking Factor Report, 3 of the top 6 “Foundational Ranking Factors” are directly related to citation quality, quantity, and consistency. Simply stated, is the business (N) name, (A) address, (P) phone number, and website address consistent and accurate across all of your company references of your NAP data online? Of the top 13 “Competitive Difference Makers,” 6 are related to citation quality, quantity and consistency.

At Dreamweaver Brand Communications, our South Florida digital marketing team understands how important NAP is and is often one of the first assessments we undertake when on-boarding a new Fort Lauderdale digital marketing client.

How business data is collected, verified and distributed?
Big data is everywhere and there are many data companies that collect, verify and then distribute business data for companies across the globe. When a business is started, its NAP information begins is journey into the world wide web’s business data ecosystem.

Typically, data providers make money by selling your NAP data as a lead or as a continuous data feed to other data collection and distribution companies.


Why are NAP Citations an Important Ranking Factor?
Google and other reputable search engines use a variety of data points so they can programmatically process and determine your search engine rankings. They have automated this process in lieu of having to review NAP business information for millions of companies daily. While Google’s algorithms are secret, there is no doubt among digital marketing companies in Fort Lauderdale or New York that Google is constantly scanning the web for mentions of your business name, address, phone number, website URL and other data sources. Google then compares their information to other data sources, including major data providers like InfoGroup, Acxiom, Localeze, and Factual for consistency.

Digital marketing and SEO companies know that your local search rankings are influenced by whether or not Google locates your business information on the web and from the data aggregators, and then determines whether or not that information is consistent and matches the information provided on your Google + page and your website. In addition, citations can occur when your company is mentioned in an online news story and it one benefit of PR and SEO working together

As voice search continues to grow and digital assistants become more common, accurate NAP information is vital for your company’s SEO.

My Company’s NAP and Citations Are a Mess; Can Dreamweaver Help?
Fixing the problem isn’t easy; however, Dreamweaver Digital Marketing will navigate the business data ecosystem for you. We will first identify missing and inconsistent citations and begin the process of citation cleanup and repair. If you are a new business, we will build your citations from the ground up. Whether you are a business with one location or a national chain with 200 locations to manage, Dreamweaver can help! Stop inaccurate NAP information in its tracks and improve your citations and search rankings today!

Schedule Your Free Citation Audit With Dreamweaver!

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