It is critical that part of your social media agency incorporate social listening as part of your brand communications strategy. Social listening is using a suite of digital tools to monitor what people are saying about brands online. Marketers who use social listening obtain valuable insights about their target audiences, digital advertising, key competitors, and any shift in consumer sediment.

  • Social listening Attracts More Customers to your Brand

Social listening enables marketers to participate in and steer the conversations occurring around their brand. Strategic marketers utilize social listening to mine keywords and hashtags relevant to your target audience and consumers. Marketers who use social listening find it useful when they are developing the short tail and long tail keywords for a new content marketing campaign.

The primary benefit of joining the conversations happening on the web about your brand is that you discover what people are saying about a particular brand, product, company or celebrity influencer. Savvy mommy bloggers and social media influencers are excellent social listeners. Marketers can learn from them and use social listening to gather valuable insights after analyzing the conversations and consumer sediments about a particular brand. Now, these same marketers can create hyper-focused relevant content for their audiences and have a better idea of the impact the hyper-focused content will have.

  • Provide Outstanding Customer Service

    Social monitoring tools create a better customer service experience for consumers. Social listening enables marketers and brands in real-time to monitor what people are saying. This allows marketers and brands to respond at the right time and most importantly in the right voice to enter that particular conversation. Airlines like SouthWest have found out the hard way how difficult social media can be on their reputations. Finally, social listening assists marketers in managing their brands’ online reputations in real-time and respond to issues as they arise.

  • Online Brand Reputation Management

    Social monitoring enables brands to become embedded in the wider conversations occurring online. By being part of the conversation, you are better able to manage the message. There are both free and paid social media monitoring tools like Mention, Social Mention, and Hootsuite to aid marketers in guiding the conversations occurring around their brands. The capabilities of each respect tool vary, most social media monitoring tools monitor and track brand mentions, frequency, and consumer sediment trends. An ancillary benefit of these tools is they usually offer keyword and hashtag discovery, and identification of influential bloggers and social influencers.

  • How to Find the Right Social Media Influencers for Your Brand?

    Social listening is not just about connecting marketers and brands with consumers; it enables strategic marketers to personalize content for consumers by connecting the right celebrity or social media influencer for their brands.  Just because they are your favorite social media star of television personality, it does not mean they are a correct fit for your brand. For instance, a cosmetic brand can monitor the conversation around influential makeup artists and see what they are sharing on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or their blog. The savvy marketer will now know what products, cosmetic topics, styles, trends, or hashtags are relevant to their respective audiences and begin analyzing. The beauty is now the marketer can uncover valuable brand opportunities for new content, future partnerships, and reach out to influencers through strategic public relations to have them share, write a review, or add your cosmetic product to their content and brand stories.

Social listening is here to stay and has a wide spectrum of applications is rapidly becoming a critical tool to have since 1 million new users are joining social media networks each day smartphones and tablets. Marketers and brands must keep a competitive edge and use social listening tools because today’s connected consumers can discover, share, and respond to content anytime and anywhere. Contact Dreamweaver Brand Communications and learn how we can help your brand use social listening.

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