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What are the Benefits of Personalized Marketing?

In 2015 digital marketers spent record-breaking $59.6 billion on digital advertisements
according to Adage. While this number is massive and one would expect stunning ROI, only 10 percent of consumers find what they are searching for when browsing online content according to TM Forum. The key to effective personalized messaging lies in the data. The challenge is no longer data collection; the new hurdle is interpreting the data to deliver relevant and personalized messages to your customer base. When onboarding a traditional or digital marketing client at Dreamweaver Brand Communications we often get asked what is personalized marketing and how does it benefit my business?What is Personalized Marketing?
Personalized marketing is an effective B2B and B2C marketing strategy that focuses brand messaging and marketing initiatives to an individual lead or even a current client.  With the aid of cloud computing, data analysis, digital technology, and buyer persona development, personalized marketing is customized to the needs of each unique customer and buyer persona. To utilize the marketing strategy to the fullest these steps need to occur:1) Identification: Gather valuable data such as location, age, profession/industry and gender on the audience base
2) Differentiation: Differentiate segment users into specific niches i.e. by age and industry  to target them specifically in the future
3) Personalization: Personalize individual journeys, tailor content, promotions, and offers
4) Interaction: Using the data collected and segmented utilize the lists to begin an outbound marketing program with the contnet created created during the personalization phaseIt is true mass marketing appeals to a broad audience base, or demographic; personalized marketing is a highly focused form of target marketing.The Valuable Benefits of Personalized Marketing
One of the most valuable benefits of personalized marketing enabling your business to target individual customers efficiently while simultaneously boosting the odds of engagement and conversions by appealing to the consumer’s likes, interests, needs, geographic locations, and other important purchasing preferences. Systematic personalized, targeted marketing drives customers to your business and leads to increased brand awareness and ultimately more sales. 

According to an Experian Marketing Service study, personalized email marketing receives up to 29 percent higher open rates and 41 percent higher click-through rates when compared to those without any personalization. Companies who utilize a personalized marketing strategy as part of an integrated public relations and marketing campaign, typically see a 19 percent increase in sales.

At Dreamweaver Brand Communications we work with our clients to develop personalized marketing campaigns and develop highly targeted content addressing the individuals in your customer base. This type of marketing strategy allows your company to foster and nurture relationships with customers. Dreamweaver personalized marketing programs grow your business and make your customers feel connected and part of the family. In addtion, fresh content for your personalized marekting campaigns will improve your website’s SEO

Personalized Marketing and Dreamweaver Brand Communications
Embrace integrated marketing with Dreamweaver Brand Communications a full-service marketing and public relations agency offering, digital marketing, traditional marketing, public relations, influencer marketing and marketing data services for your business.

Let Dreamweaver Brand Communications analyze your marketing needs and develop the right content and strategies to target, communicate, and engage with your perfect audience.

 Ready to Personalize Your Marketing Program? 

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