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6 Unique Benefits of Celebrity Marketing


How often have you seen a celebrity in a commercial? Major celebrities have been used as product ambassadors for a long time and this marketing strategy is still prevalent today.

Celebrities and influencers appeal to the masses; they’re easily recognizable and have a cult following. Because of these facts, celebrity advertising helps boost sales.

Featuring a celebrity in your marketing campaign or social media advertising increases brand awareness. Whether the celebrity is wearing your dress on the red carpet, demonstrating your product in a commercial, or hosting an event at your flagship store, celebrity advertising is a powerful tool to boost sales – fans will likely use your products if they see their favorite celebrity promoting them.

Are you debating your next marketing campaign? Here are 6 reasons why you should utilize celebrity marketing.

1) Their Fans will Purchase Your Products
Are you looking for an easy way to appeal to a broader audience? Use celebrity marketing strategies. If fans see one of their celebrity influencers using your products or promoting them, they will become intrigued and the sales cycle begins.

Fashion and CPG brands utilize celebrity marketing campaigns because they work. Products such as clothing, cosmetics, and healthy CPG inspire other women to look as beautiful as their favorite celebrity or social influencer. They will want to look as glamorous as their favorite celebrity, driving them to use all of the products to “get the look.”

2) Establishes Legitimacy
When a celebrity is featured in any of your marketing materials, it creates legitimacy and increases credibility. Celebrities and online social influencers are prominent figures. Their faces and voice are recognized, which indicates power and influence amongst the masses. Therefore, anyone who views your celebrity ad will think: if they use these products, I too can trust and use them.


Different celebrities can also impact products in their unique ways. For example, featuring an athlete on a functional beverage bottle or healthy snack tells parents the food is healthy and tells kids the food is what their favorite athlete eats.

Moreover, when you endorse a celebrity — or feature them on all advertisements — the impact increases. If you keep using the same major celebrity on all advertising, their fans will continue buying your products.

3) Builds Brand Awareness
Regardless of the industry, celebrity marketing helps increases brand awareness. Brand awareness signifies the number of people who are familiar with your brand. When brand awareness increases, you have a better chance of making sales.

Their fans pay attention to everything their idol does, so they will watch and see all advertisements. Even those who are not fans will pay attention to your celebrity ads; they recognize the celebrity making them become interested in your brand.

This is why your brand awareness will not only increase but will do so quickly.

Think about this: how much time and money have you spent on previous marketing ideas? Did they work?

If they were unsuccessful, find a celebrity spokesperson to appear in your advertisements. Even a regional celebrity, micro-influencer, or YouTube star can significantly enhance your brand awareness.

4) Helps with Product Positioning
Whether you own an e-commerce or brick-and-mortar store chain, celebrity marketing can help with product positioning. When you display your products on the shelf or POS place celebrity-endorsed products at eye-level, fans will immediately notice and buy your products over other products.

You can also develop different marketing positioning, such as placing celebrity-endorsed products in front of the store or the store’s front windows. This way, your customers or target customers will immediately see the celebrity advertisements.

However, what if a celebrity endorses your products, but you are an e-commerce store?

Product positioning does not have to be physical — it can also be digital. Your message will immediately attract your online consumers.

Market your celebrity-endorsed products more than your traditional ones. Display banners on your website, on your homepage or as part of your B2C blog.

Don’t stop at your website. Promote celebrity-endorsed products on your social media channels and feeds and utilize social advertising to leverage the power of the celebrity to reach even more people.

Another tactic is using Google AdWords with influencer and celebrity marketing. When they Google your brand and the celebrity, your brand can utilize a special landing page designed especially to track the impact the celebrity has on your online sales.

5) Remain Current
You will want a fresh and youthful celebrity for your marketing campaign. Other than the fact that these celebrities are the ones gracing magazine covers, younger stars attract a younger following.

If you are worried about your brand using outdated marketing strategies, use a younger celebrity in your next marketing campaign. You will attract a younger crowd, so your brand retains youth.

6) Beat Your Competitors
SAre you finding ways to top the competition? Celebrity advertising boosts sales and builds brand awareness. While these benefits improve your brand, they will also place your business over your competitors.

Say a consumer was buying products from your competitor, but they notice you are advertising with their favorite actor. They will be more inclined to choose your brand. If you want to continue boosting your brand over the competition, endorse a celebrity or use different celebrities in all your tradtional and digital marketing campaigns.

Partnering with a celebrity has lots of benefits. You will increase sales, brand awareness, and will top your competition. Your brand will also be legitimate and youthful. Celebrity endorsements increase these benefits even further. Our modern age offers a variety of celebrities and influencers to use. You can choose a major celebrity or a local influencer. The digital age also offers a variety of advertising strategies. You can advertise in print and online with an image or video. When you use a celebrity in your marketing campaign, you will see results.


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