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5 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Influencer marketing is now a cornerstone of modern-day advertising according to AdWeek. Adweek’s study revealed that 75% of companies currently utilize influencer marketing to reach and engage new audiences and engage with current customers. An astonishing 84% of companies plan to implement an influencer marketing strategy within the next 12 months.Many brands contact Dreamweaver Brand Communications to help them differentiate between the different types of influencer marketing campaigns available to implement the best strategy (or a combination of strategies) will generate the most success and have the best ROI.

Additionally, we work closely with companies when selecting which influencer to work with, as choosing the correct social media or celebrity influencer will have a significant effect on the brand’s influencer marketing campaign efforts. Lastly, we identify what the company wants to achieve through each influencer marketing campaign and review with them how we measure the success of the influencer marketing strategies and campaigns selected for execution. At Dreamweaver Brand Communications we are able to integrate an influencer marketing campaign with expert public relations services, integrated digital and tradtional marketing, event marketing and social media marketing.

We have put together a list of the five different types of influencer marketing campaigns that brands can deploy to drive social media growth, increase brand awareness, and increase campaign ROI.

1) Product Placement
Arguably, one of the most popular ways a brand can partner with celebrity and social media influencers is by a product placement campaign. This type of influencer marketing campaign typically involves incorporating a company’s product, service, or logo into a social media influencer’s content in a creative, fun, engaging way. Since social media and celebrity influencers already have the trust of their followers, product placements are a fantastic opportunity for brands to obtain valuable exposure to millions of targeted, engaged consumers who are much more likely to make a purchase of a product endorsed by their favorite influencer. Mommy bloggers are experts at the prodcut placement influencer campaign model. 

2) Giveaways, Contents, Sweepstakes
To generate buzz about a brand, foster goodwill among a targeted audience, and to inspire social media users and followers to take a specific action (ex. Following the brand channel or increasing brand exposure by using a branded influencer campaign hashtag) social media contests like giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests are they answer. Aligning with celebrity and social media influencers to host and promote the contest is a strategic method for brands to leverage a specific social media star’s follower base and ensure that consumers engage in the campaign

3) Hashtag/Theme Campaigns 
Developing, planning, and executing an influencer marketing campaign around a memorable branded hashtag is one of the most effective ways brands can generate a genuine and authentic social conversation and increase brand awareness. One of our favorite hashtag campaigns was #REVOLVEintheHamptons to increase their brand awareness and followers on Instagram.

4) Creative Influencer Marketing Campaign 
Similar to influencer marketing campaigns that revolve around a centralized theme, creative influencer campaigns allow social media stars the creative freedom to create visual and written content around a specific idea or concept. The creative campaign enables the digital influencer to create unique sponsored brand content. These types of campaigns are typically organic leading to increased engagement (in the form of comments, likes, and social shares) from the selected social influencers followers and subscribers.

5) Influencer Marketing Campaign to Build Social Followers
Companies often collaborate with social media influencers to build the number of followers on their branded social media channels. One of the most popular techniques is the “Snapchat Takeover.” This form of influencer marketing is when an influencer or celebrity literally “takes over” a brand’s Snapchat account for a particular period. The influencer campaign to build social followers is one of the most effective methods for brands to reach thousands or even millions of new followers and organically grow their Snapchat follower base and simultaneously increase brand awareness. Also, brands will stragetically invite an influencer to appear at an event like a pop-up shop to build social followers and brand awareness.

There are a variety of influencer marketing campaigns a brand can leverage to generate buzz, increase brand awareness, target a specific demographic, and engage consumers. It is easy to select an influencer, however, choosing the right one for your brand is critical for the campaigns success. With over 15 years of experience vetting, matching, and executing influencer marketing campaigns for brands, Dreamweaver Brand Communications will take your brand to the next level with a strategic influencer marketing campaign that does not just generate buzz but puts your brand on the map!


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