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What to Look for in a Beverage Marketing and PR Agency?

Health & Wellness products, particularly natural and functional beverages delivering
nutritional benefits drive a crowded but thriving health beverage marketplace. With an influx of new brands entering the natural and functional beverage arena, new and existing companies are facing stiff competition not only on the shelf but in the digital marketplace. As your natural or functional beverage moves ever so close to market, the only way to ensure your product stands out from the crowd and the shelf is by partnering with an experienced integrated marketing and public relations agency. With so many agencies to choose from, how you do choose the right beverage public relations and marketing partner? What qualities, traits, and experience should the agency possess and what do you as a beverage brand need to look for? Dreamweaver Brand Communication’s Gerard T. Rogan weighs in on the answers.1) To position yourself as a top brand in new and crowded markets, partnering with an experienced agency that specializes in your field is imperative.
CPG health & wellness beverages depend on much more than basic brand and product positioning – natural and functional beverage consumption is part of a lifestyle. As an emerging beverage brand or an established brand that has lost market share, your agency partner must understand this important distinction. Understanding this distinction is a fundamental building block to a rewarding agency partnership and is the difference between brand success and failure. Many new and established brands have encountered a lack of alignment that ends up becoming costly in the long run. It could be an unqualified beverage influencer, micro-influencer, or Brand Ambassador representing your brand or contradictory information around your target market. Please, do not let it happen to you and your brand. Request references, case studies and proof of success with your field before signing the next contract. 2) Partner with an experienced agency that can deliver critical campaign insights.
As your beverage brand grows your public relations and marketing campaigns expand into new territories, finding and refining your leading markets, demographics and buyer personas are vital to your brand awareness and prosperity. Many agencies provide self-reported data and general vanity metrics, but drilling down the data to locate sales trends more often than not is left to the brand that might not understand the value of personalized marketing. Unreliable data causes a huge administrative burden for your brand when your team’s energy can be focused elsewhere.Because health & wellness products, particularly natural and functional beverages are part of the “grab & go” healthy lifestyle, and a cultural staple, honing your audience and the various buyer personas are integral components of your integrated public relations and marketing campaign. Your need an agency that reports out where your CPG beverage product is gaining traction and where to realign your presence on the shelves. Unreliable data can damage your brand beyond the shelf – your agency needs to be committed to your brand’s growth as you are.3) Your internal stakeholders need to be in control of your brand and your campaigns.
With too many CPG marketing and PR relationships, health & wellness brands hand off their major objectives to an agency, only to find out later that their launch did not produce the sales, impressions or reach that they expected. You might ask why? The answer is simple; no one knows your brand as your internal stakeholders do!At Dreamweaver Brand Communications we understand the agency brand relationship and maintain a partnership approach and attitude. With Dreamweaver’s client partnership approach, we manage your brand’s success together. We integrate the unique traits that make your brand unique into our marketing and public relations campaigns. With Dreamweaver Brand Communications as your marketing & PR partner, we highlight all the things that make your brand unique, healthy, and exclusive in the natural and functional beverage sphere.

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