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What Can You Expect from Digital Marketing in 2019?


Anyone in the marketing industry can confirm that trends are constantly coming and going. The popular trend at the beginning of 2018 may not be relevant as we head into the new year. It is important for marketers and agencies to keep up to the date with new concepts, to ensure that their content remains suitable for the times. To make it simpler for the marketers on the go, here is a quick list of what we can expect to see from digital marketing when we ring in 2019.

New Year, New Trends

  1. Digital Personalization: When developing your brand’s website or app, one of the key aspects to consider is “How can I personalize the customers’ experiences?” Implement programs that will tailor your product to each individual customer. Including their name, or a “You May Like This…”, substantially increases the likelihood of a continued path to conversion. Source
  2. Tell a Story: As simple as this may sound, it has become difficult for brands to discover their “Blue Ocean” in a sea full of red. Brands are competing for the same customers, and doing whatever they can to stand out. Differentiate your brand or marketing strategy by telling the story of your brand rather than what the product/service is used for. Source
  3. Chatbots and AI, oh my!: The future has slowly been moving towards artificial intelligence, or AI, to improve customer service and production efficiency. To lower costs and generate real time data, consider investing in chatbots. AI has the capability to see patterns that the human eye cannot, and will benefit a brand greatly to have a wider range of available data. Source
  4. More Data, Less Problems: While having to collect a lot more data can be time consuming and difficult to analyze, it is extremely valuable in the long run. Having more data allows the marketer to explore trends and opportunities that may have been missed otherwise. In 2019, make it a goal to implement a software that can generate valuable data for you so that your ROI and conversion rate show substantial improvements. Source
  5. Videos are the New Photos: Video marketing has become even more crucial during the digital age, as consumers start to move to more visual content to learn about brands. Although it may require more skills and time, brands can better develop a relationship with their audience through video storytelling. Content with sound and moving visuals have more than a 80% chance of converting a person from interested to a customer. Source
  6. To Webinar or Not to: Along with video marketing, webinars are a great tool to use when you have a product that requires explanation. It provides an opportunity to engage with customers in real time, answer questions, and demonstrate the product effectively. Creating a variety of content, rather than just written ads or pictures, will resonate with a wider audience and keep them interested. Source
  7. Streaming and Chill: It has been noted that in 2019, streaming services will expand even more than it has in this year alone. Following in the steps of Netflix or Hulu, try to incorporate live video streaming into your social media strategies. Whether it is on Facebook or Instagram, live videos will help your brand connect with your audience in real time and have a better understanding of “who” the brand is, rather than “what.” Source
  8. Do you even Social?: If you are a marketing agency and have not jumped on the social media train, you need to buy your ticket now. Social media has seen substantial growth since 2018, and we can expect for more changes in 2019. With majority of people sharing their thoughts and opinions on social media, it is important to adapt your content to each platform, and engage with the audience as much as possible. Source
  9. Little Moments Matter: Have you ever seen an ad pop up on your phone while surfing the web or exploring social media? These “micro-moments” are becoming a top tactic in 2019 for reaching an audience on the device that majority of people stare at for hours on end. If you can create a short ad or aesthetically pleasing photo that catches the attention of your targeted customer, you have managed to create a little moment that can essentially lead to a conversion. Source
  10. Step Away from the TV: If you own a smart device such as an iPad or Samsung tablet, it is more than likely that your TV has started to collect dust. In 2019, the Internet will go further than it already has and compete with TV for the most amount of hours watched in a day. Going into the new year, it might be useful to consider creating video content for social media or websites to get the most engagement out of your investment. Source
  11. Presenting- Your CEO: Although some may expect that a CEO would be active in the ongoing practices of their agency or company, it seems to be rare. Analysts are predicting that come 2019, CEO’s engaging with their audience through a blog or simple tweet will have longer lasting effects. Build trust and loyalty by having the one in charge visibly support the brand and generate a conversation online. Source
  12. Be You, Be Authentic: Along with having your CEO participating in the land of digital, any person or content associated with your brand needs to be seen as authentic. Do not be that brand that sends out automated messages that look like someone typed up one version and just clicked send. Take the time to tailor your messages to your audience, have genuine online conversations, and show that there is a person behind the message: not a computer. Source
  13. Don’t Get Sent to Spam: Email marketing in the digital age has seen some changes in the way the content should be presented. Similar to being authentic with your content, emails need to change in 2019 and become more personalized. Taking the time to analyze a customer’s journey, adapt your messages to such information, and even sending a promo code will go a long way in reaching the final step in the journey: purchase. Source
  14. Remarketing in 2019: Creating a remarketing list will help marketers reach out to people who have clicked into their ads, but did not complete the call to action (i.e. purchase, subscription, etc.) By targeting your content to those who already showed interest, you can expect to see an increase in the clickthrough rate and goal completion. Some people just need an extra push to finalize the purchase, whether it be a promo code or a simple reminder. Source
  15. PPC Marketing: In order to get someone from your designated audience to click into one of your ads, you need to make sure its message is clear. The value of your pay-per-click comes from how appealing your ad looks to the viewer, and how much you are willing to invest. When creating the ad, double check that all extensions work properly, the headline is legible, and the purpose of the ad is understood. Source
  16. Affiliating with the Right People: With Amazon being one of the leaders in affiliate marketing, it has become pretty difficult for marketers to get their own foot in the door. In order to effectively convert a customer through this process, it is key to hire the right companies/marketers, and keep the circle small. The smaller the group of people helping out, the easier it will be to keep your brand message consistent and remain in control of who is benefiting from the purchase of the product. Source
  17. The Value of the Influencer: When researching the phrase “social media” in Google Trends, the third related topic to pop up (60% increase) was influencer marketing. Going into 2019, brands should embrace the opportunity of generating awareness through a partnership with an influencer. If you affiliate with the right person, your brand awareness can broaden to an audience that you may not have been able to connect with alone. Source
  18. Is Age Just a Number?: In the case of digital marketing, age is not just a number. Due to the increase of consumers and internet users in the “18-35” age range, 2019 is predicting a shift in brand’s trying hard to convert them into loyal, brand ambassadors. If your brand or product is a right fit for someone in this age range, consider shifting your digital and social strategy to adapt to their goals and interests. Source
  19. Search in the Digital Age: As internet users surf the web everyday, data is being collected to improve the experience one has when searching for a brand or product. While paid search is valuable (considering you have the capital), organic search is where the conversion rates begin to improve. Much like all of your content, make it a 2019 goal to ensure that all of your search content is up to par because that is where the long-lasting relationships will be made. Source
  20. Integration is Key: Should a brand have more than one channels in which their customers interact with, they need ensure that their message is consistent across every single one. In 2019, it is being said that integrated marketing will play a huge role in highlighting one brand’s success over its competition. A clear, cohesive message and strategy throughout all platforms will change the way brand’s resonate with their audience and stay top-of-mind. Source

While not all of these trends may fit with your specific brand’s message or strategy, incorporating some of them will be crucial to your marketing success in 2019. Brands that fail or stay behind are usually against accepting new ideas and keeping up to date with the “hot” marketing strategies. But try to remember that change is good, and 2019 is a new year. Whether it is trying a new tool or embracing new content concepts, make it a New Year’s Resolution to step out of your comfort zone!


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