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Social media has experienced massive growth over the past five years. As of summer 2016, there are 2.3 billion active social media users. Over 1 million new users are joining social media networks each day. That works out to 12 social media users each second! With 91% of retail brands engaging customers on at least two social media platforms, it is impossible to ignore the massive growth, impact, and potential of people-based media.

With 1 million new mobile users joining social networks every day, it is hard to ignore the boom and impact of people-based media. Most marketing agencies now have a social media division to handle the shift in consumer engagement.

Social Networking on the Rise

Consumers have adopted smartphones and tablets at unprecedented rates while simultaneously brick and mortar businesses caught on early to this trend and offered Wi-Fi hotspots. Recent research suggests that 80% of millennials use their phone in-store, and 74% of millennials receive location-based mobile alerts. It is evident that consumers are digitally connected unlike any other time in history.

Today’s savvy marketers and brands realize the importance of social networking and the new opportunities social mobile networking available due to increase digital connectivity. Unlike the previous generation of marketers who utilized traditional and digital media methods, savvy marketers and brands who stay ahead of the curve adopted social advertising to increase brand visibility, more importantly, engage with consumers.

Potential customers of all ages use social media daily, and marketers and brands with a strong social media advertising strategy can leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest among others to convert consumers into loyal brand advocates.

In 2016, 49% of smartphone owners have used smartphones to browse the web, make purchases, like, comment, and share video content with friends, family, and their followers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Savvy brands that want to stay relevant and remain relevant must engage their audiences on social media platforms that work for their brand.

Smart Brands and Marketers Are Investing in Social

Always connected consumers have increased demands and expectations of brands to provide quality content on their schedules. Smart brands and marketers must use social listening tools and become part of the social conversation happening around their brands.

It is expected in 2017 that business social network ad spending will be more than $35 billion dollars globally and will represent 16% of all digital ad spending. It is imperative that brands integrate social network advertising into their budgets and marketing strategy to engage consumers where they are most active: social media.

Small and Large Business Need Social Advertising

Social network advertising can raise brand awareness, increase sales and convert customers into brand advocates. Business can find their target audience and build buyer personas to craft relevant messages and create conversations that appeal to their target audiences.

While other digital advertising methods including SEO and paid banner ads, social media advertising do not require massive budgets and when use correctly can create a return on investment (ROI) and increase brand awareness making this a perfect option for small to medium size business. Facebook, for example, allows a business to set specific audience and targeting parameters to reach audiences that your messages are relevant to.

The Future is Social Advertising

Social media networks combined earned 8.3 billion dollars from advertising. Interestingly since only 4% of consumers that engage in conversation online about brands follow those brands’ social profiles, social advertising is a smart alternative to engage in brand building, increase brand visibility and authentically engage with consumers on their terms and on their preferred social media platform. Contact Dreamweaver Brand Communications and let us integrate that user-generated content and turn that one-way conversation into a conversation and take another step in the social sales cycle.

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