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Miami Event Marketing: Planning the Perfect Event in South Florida, Part 1


Event planning and event marketing on behalf of our clients is fun, detailed orientated
and sometimes stressful. No event is the same, and our customers expect the nothing but the best whether it is an industry trade show, a fashion fundraising event, or an onsite influencer meet & greet.

Whether we are coordinating, planning and marketing events in Miami, a brand activation during New York Fashion Week, or pre Grammy event in Los Angeles it always comes down to execution. It is no longer just about planning an event, it now also includes media monitoring and influencer marketing on behalf of the client. At any phase of the process, whether in initial planning, ticket sales, and booking, during the event and yes even during the clean-up, Dreamweaver is always gathering information and media monitoring surrounding your event. Successful event marketers know that media monitoring is a lifesaver. Dreamweaver Brand Communications event marketing specialists know who is talking about your event and what they are saying – from the first announcement, during the build-up, the event and post-event.

As a leading South Florida marketing agency with a division specializing in corporate events, influencer meet and greets, fashion store launches, restaurant launches, ground-breaking events for real-estate development firms and fashion marketing events like pop-up shops, we know that savvy media monitoring and social listening benefits our clients.

Question 1) Why does my brand need to monitor events?
Planning, networking, scheduling, and venue walkthroughs are just part of the work that goes into planning a smooth running and memorable event. Depending on the type of the event and the client, tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars are often invested for just one event. For some companies, one special event can cost much more than their entire marketing budget.

One event can make or break your reputation, that is why you must plan to provide excellent customer service before, during, and yes after the event is over. Instead of guessing what guests thought of your event, at Dreamweaver Brand Communications, we utilize social listening in addition to press monitoring to obtain audience feedback in real-time.

Event Monitoring has 4 Specific Benefits:

1) Know what guests or attendees are saying before, during, and after the event
2) Respond promptly to answer any questions asked on social media and encourage continued branded engagement
3) Generate reports, harvest analytic, and tweak your pre and post event marketing
4) Identify any celebrity or social media influencers in attendance and make a connection. 

From an event marketing agency in South Florida perspective, Dreamweaver Brand Communications can highlight and present to clients and other stakeholders that their investment in event marketing is paying off and has positive ROI.

Dreamweaver Brand Communications event marketing division is your event monitoring and engagement dashboard. We gather and analyze all of the pre-event conversations and data points and host them in a secure dashboard, allowing the client to have a full picture and make important decisions.

Question 2) What does a brand have to do before an event to get started with event monitoring?
Leading up to a trade show, fashion show, high-end fashion pop-up shop, product launch party or conference, is very busy, to say the least. Experienced event marketing agencies have many pieces in motion, determining the location, speakers, ticket sales, food, sponsors, influencer appearances, you name it, it is on the list.

As a leading event marketer, one of the top priorities, (besides an awesome event) is building awareness, generating enthusiasm, and seeding the press for your big event.

Before the fun can begin, you have to monitor the chatter around your event.

Select the perfect hashtag
For social media brand monitoring, hashtags are a must. They conveniently and strategically package any conversation about your brand under a single tag, making them easy to locate. Since it is imperative to track and record every comment online about your event, they are a strategic advantage. Use the branded hashtag everywhere from Instagram to Facebook, Snapchat and even Google +. Make it clear that before, during, and after the event that you need the attendees to use them. Since your event will be fabulous, they of course will be used all over social media. 

As Gerard Rogan, COO and digital event marketing specialist from Dreamweaver says “Select an event hashtag that is short, sweet, and unique to your brand and event. The hashtag has to be original since you and your attendees will be using them in every Instagram post and tweet.”

Clear Branding is a Must
No brand can exclusively rely on their branded hashtags. The fact is, not all social media users will use them especially in an earned media placement such as a pre-or-post newspaper placement about your event about your event or even in a blog post. Therefore, your event’s name needs to be easily identifiable and fun to remember for attendees.

This makes media monitoring for your event marketing agency far more streamlined. If you are responsible for tracking too many unique event identifiers without an agency, it can be messy and relevant mentions can be missed.

This is no great branding secret; you need a great logo. You also need a great event invitation with your brand’s logo incorporated. This tactic will improve your marketing efforts and of course your monitoring. With a stunning branded invitation, your event public relations agency will publicize your event. 

As an event host and organizer, your response time to questions needs to be perfect and timely (we will get into this in Part 2.) However, in this digital age, it is even more important to pay attention to any social media or digital conversation during the event lead-up as well. Also, you might use social media advertising to promote your event and further drive awareness and conversation making monitoring a must! 

Typically, attendees and potential attendees are seeking additional information. Guide them to the schedule, provide them additional information about keynote speakers, parking question and even questions about where the restrooms are.

Every conversation is another opportunity to engage and entice other potential attendees. Typically, when people ask questions about your event, discuss it on Facebook, Tweet about out, it is important to the event organizer and event marketing agency to become further involved and foster new conversation. When they re-gram or retweet your response or post, you increase your reach, impressions, and engagements.

Event monitoring makes this process easy. Since your branding and hashtags are now strategically utilized, you will know right away of every mention. Even if people do not use the exact terms, locating conversations around your event based on similar keywords will not be difficult.

Know Thy Audience
A successful event brings together thousands, possibly tens of thousands of people from different socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities and different life experiences. An expert event planning agency takes the time before the event to learn about them based on their online footprint and interactions.

For our event marketing clients, we provide our customers with actionable insights into the audience demographic data like gender, language, location, and preferences. 

Dreamweaver Brand Communications create word clouds to visualize what people are talking about when they use your branded hashtags and to monitor brand and event sentiment.

Locate Influencers
Another benefit about monitoring conversation leading up to, during, and post event is finding industry influencers or VIPs that you did not know were engaged with your brand and event. 

Dreamweaver Influencer and Celebrity integrates with our event marketing and monitoring services to help locate influencers who are talking about your event and start a conversation with them. Having an influencer, mirco-influencer, or celebrity on your guest list can generate further buzz and excitement. 

Miami Event Marketing Highlights Part 1:

1) Use clear branding and hashtags
2) Listen carefully to digital and traditional media surrounding your event
3) Respond quickly and provide help to both confirmed guests and potential guest
4) Encourage more engagement to build awareness through social media, digital advertising, and influencer marketing to engage in conversations about the event

  • In Part 2 of Miami Event Marketing: Planning the Perfect Event in South Florida, we will share our event marketing and monitoring tips for during the event.

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