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Miami Event Marketing: Planning the Perfect Event in South Florida, Part 2


In Part 1 of Miami Event Marketing: Planning the Perfect Event in South Florida, our corporate and launch event planning experts shared some of their pre-event advice and why event monitoring is vital. The top takeaways included: using clear branding and memorable hashtags from the start, listen to both digital and traditional media for any “buzz” surrounding your event, building awareness and engagement through social media marketing, and responding quickly to any questions attendees may have.

With the event rapidly approaching, both the event marketing agency you hired and yourself, the client are busy. We could be dealing with timetable mishaps, vendor delivery schedule conflicts, and anything else you can think of. During peak times leading up to events, this is where quality event monitoring is helpful! The systems Dreamweaver uses are neatly organized in our client’s, secure online portal. The client and ourselves can deal with each conversation calmly and on a personal level. When it comes to event marketing, personalization of electronic communication such as emails when responding to RSVPs pays dividends. No one likes a canned response!

The question remains how does event monitoring work during the event?
While the hosts, hostesses, corporate client, and attendees are enjoying the event, the Dreamweaver Brand Communications event marketing team is working behind the scenes on your behalf. It is critical that during the event, your brand is engaging and responding with the event’s attendees. When a guest shares a video or image on Instagram or Facebook, they love to know they are being heard; that could be a simple like of a guests post on their posts or sharing their image on your brand’s social media accounts. This builds a sense of community that continues throughout the event using the branded hashtag that was created earlier. When executed properly, a slick event hashtag can even become trending.

Also, some attendees might be sending direct messages on social media to brand on social media with problems, concerns, or complaints. With real-time event monitoring, we can address any concerns and provide the best experience possible for the guest. Event and public relations work hand-in-hand, as an event PR agency, we can manage your brand’s image before, during, and after the event to create the best possible image around your big event. 

The great news is your guests are having a fantastic time and engaging with your brand, whether it is a fashion pop-up shop or a gala. The hard work was done during the lead up to the event by creating smart hashtags and language surrounding your event and brand. When guests use these hashtags, we can find the image and conversation without much difficulty. Regardless of what social media platform they are using, with Dreamweaver Brand Communications Social Media as your monitoring tool, we will catch them.

In the unlikely case, the attendees are not using your hashtags, monitoring keywords, phrases, other relevant branded hashtags, geolocation posts, and local and national news outlets, our event marketing clients are not missing anything!

Monitoring Event Influencers
Monitoring celebrity, social, and even micro-influencers during the event goes beyond cyberspace. Our dedicated event marketing influencer specialists not only monitor their social media accounts to leverage any additional event promotion, our influencer experts, keep an eye on them to ensure they have a wonderful experience. You never want one of your influencer VIPs complaining about how they were treated.

Dreamweaver’s Celebrity and Influencer Marketing division most likely has already arranged for these people to do some promotional posts for the event. Typically, these involve social media posts and in some cases blog posts, depending on the type of celebrity or influencer. There are many different influencer campaign models we can use to garner additional attention. Again, event monitoring and social listening allow us and the brand to see how far their social media posts and messages spread, which event attendees engaged or talked about them, and the overall impact they had on your event. One type of influencer marketing campaign is having an influencer appear at a product launch, special event, or as a guest speak.

Lastly, we always keep an eye out for the unexpected influencer or celebrity who happens attend your event. Just as we do during the event build-up, we are monitoring influencers and celebrities while your event is in full swing. We are monitoring to see if they are sharing their experiences on social media such as Instagram Stories or Facebook Live feed. Also, our influencer and celebrity VIP team will use other techniques to see if they are willing to post and to ensure their needs are being tended to at your event. Levering an influencer is a great way to get more eyes on your event as it is happening.

Miami Event Marketing Highlights, Part 2

1) Locate the best social media posts during your event and share
2) Encourage conversation around your event and respond to comments
3) Monitor closely for any issues or complaints
4) Ensure your VIPs, special guests, and influencers in attendance are having a wonderful time

In Part 3 of Miami Event Marketing: Planning the Perfect Event in South Florida, we will share our post-event marketing tips!

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