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Dreamweaver Brand Communications has over 15 years of luxury public relations and marketing experience working with the world’s top brands. Creating and executing marketing and public relations for luxury items and goods share a variety of common themes and the top luxury public relations and marketing theme is: Exclusivity.

Whether it is a Bentley, a rare Rolex or a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne from the best year produced; it is always about the exclusivity of the product. Bentley buyers typically wait several years for the delivery of their customized Bentley model. They are manufactured by hand, using the finest materials, and Bentley produces a limited amount of vehicles each year.  Rolex’s come in a variety of styles and price ranges. There are certain models at the bottom of the price range, while those are still expensive they are not uncommon in certain circles. However, there is one exception, the 1942 Chronograph. This Rolex model, if you could find one, would cost you more than one-million dollars. Even in 1942, they were rare, now over 75 years later, locating one is close to impossible.

Those are examples of old-world exclusivity – brands and products that have stood the test of time. Ferrari and Tesla now sell their luxury cars several years in advance of production, and very often there is a waiting list. Despite their attempts at maintaining exclusivity, we now live in a world with a record number of millionaires and billionaires, so exclusivity does not have the punch it once held with luxury goods.


Family and personal history have a value that far outweighs a newly purchased product. To create history, items that can be passed down through more than one generation need to be of such high-quality to stand the test of time. You would be surprised, some of those items passed down from generation to generation are not the most costly ones either. For example, a father spends time with his son restoring a Porsche 550 Spyder. While restoring this rare Porsche, they build memories as well as value in the unique vehicle. Upon the father’s death, the Porsche is passed down to his son as the car had/has intrinsic value to both of them. However, being meticulously restored and having a documented story and history makes this vehicle exclusive and valuable to classic car collectors and would command top dollar at auction.

If the products produced by a company can tap into their heritage and maintain high-quality products that endure the test of time, and span multiple generations, then there is a strong luxury marketing and PR story to tell focused on the heirloom factor.


When a product or brand is the finest available because of the expertise of the company, its craftsmanship, attention to detail, and its skilled team of artisans, then luxury is built into the allure. While this applies to artists and craftsmen working on different types of goods ranging from jewelry to furniture, but then there’s also a different level craftsmanship like hand-tailored bespoke suits. A hand-tailored suit from a famous Savile Row tailor could take a year to be custom made and cost tens of thousands and dollars. Keep in mind there are a variety of levels of bespoke men’s suits available on the marketing that are also custom tailored and are available at a lower price point. Those suits are still considered luxury items, just at the low end of the price scale.

Dreamweaver Brand Communications luxury marketing and public relations services help luxury brands find their exclusivity and historic links to tell help tell their brand story. Exclusivity is not the only route available to execute a luxury marketing and public relations campaign for a luxury brand, it is just one of the starting points. Learn more about our integrated marketing and public relations agency services for luxury brands.

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