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How Influencer Marketing and Google AdWords Can Work Together


If your business is not already utilizing influencer marketing as part of an integrated marketing and PR strategy, now is the time to start!

Influencer Marketing is an established tactic to increase exposure for businesses in the era of digital marketing. Influencer marketing campaigns can have tremendous reach and increase brand exposure and awareness, however even with the best influencer analytics suite, these brand gains often go unaccounted for due to the nature of social media. The question is how your brand can fill this void in influencer conversion rates? The answer might surprise you: Google AdWords. Integrating AdWords with influencer marketing ensures influencer ads translate to direct website traffic. Let’s examine how pairing influencer marketing and AdWords increases ROI and creates an unbeatable marketing strategy.

The Influencer Instagram Post:
For example, let’s say your influencer marketing agency partners your fashion brand with Eva Longoria as a long-term brand ambassador. Eva posts a picture promoting your latest spring collection to her 4.3 million Instagram followers. However, instead of the mobile Instagram users clicking on the Bitly link in her bio, they head to their desktop and Google.

The Google Search Ecosystem:
You worked hard for your fashion brand’s website to be number one when users search for your brand or keywords specific to your brand. If your brand did not put in the upfront website development and on-going SEO work, your target customer could be lured to a different site and buy your product there and subsequently eat into your profit margins. If your products are sold in retail chains like Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstroms, Macy’s or other distribution outlets, they often can appear on your brand or branded keyword search terms forcing you to have a larger SEM budget. However, if your brand’s website is not the first link to appear during an organic search, the conversion path of your influencer marketing campaign is lost. Click-throughs and sales conversions become attributed to other sources. The question is: how can your website become the first link that appears?

The Solution: Instagram and Google AdWords Integration
Utilizing Google AdWords, when a potential customer views your celebrity influencer marketing campaign, sparking them to take the next step in the customer acquisition cycle and search for your fashion brand and now on the path to conversion. Creating a strategic Google AdWords campaign ensures your brand’s website is the very first link to appear when keywords of your brand are Googled. Integrating Google AdWords with your influencer marketing campaign provides the exposure your celebrity influencer brings to your brand can now direct traffic to your website. AdWords are crucial to your brand’s conversion rates and the success of the influencer campaign.

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