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For the trendy, stylish, and chic public relations specialists, fashion public relations for some is a lifelong calling. Unfortunately, for those individuals without passion for the glamorous world of fashion and beauty, doing well will prove difficult. Fashion conscious people, both men, and women, just have a different lifestyle. Fashion forward and conscious individuals share different values, ideals, and also disposable incomes from the rest of the population. Fashion PR specialists must understand this target audience and know how to think like them, act like them, connect with them, and even spend like them.


Most fashion-conscious individuals spend large sums of money on clothing and high-end beauty product – but not all. Some fashion insiders and trendsetters know when, where, and how to purchase essential items while they are on sale, in addition to being thrifty when putting outfits together. First, the PR specialist must identify the brand’s target audience and build a brand around a clear image and audience, which resonates with your niche. For example, the Converse brand resonates with the thrifty sneaker and shoe lover, while on the other end of the scale, Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps caters to the elite of the fashion world.


Another option to develop a strong brand is to ensure the receives maximum exposure is top fashion magazines and with crème-de-la-crème fashion bloggers. While many other print publications continue to see declines in subscription number and many unfortunately go out of business, fashion magazine do well by comparison. It is critical that brands be featured in this medium.

PR specialists know that many fashion magazines, fashion blogs, websites that detail what brands (and budget version of these brands) celebrities and social influencers wear when out and about, or they strategically dressed to be seen in photographs taken by the paparazzi. In this case, the fashion brand does need to offer the $600 pair of must have shoes but offer the $39.95 alternative. Not to mention, this a fantastic product placement opportunity for any brand and to incorporate influencer marketing into the mix for maximum exposure.


With any product or brand, put the right spokesperson, celebrity spokesperson or social media influencer behind it and the public by default views it differently. The results are the same in the fashion industry. Fashion conscious individuals and even teenagers finding their unique personal style and look – turn to their favorite celebrity or social influencer for fashion inspiration. This explains with Nike and Under Armour are popular with Athletes, Ralph Lauren among preps, and Converse popular with the punk rocker type. When it comes to fashion, social and celebrity influencer wield much power and influencer over your target audience.  92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people — even if they do not know those people personally, over promotional content. There are a variety of influencer marketing campaigns a brand can utilize to compliment their fashion public relations campaign.


Brand reputations can be destroyed in an instant if customer relations and service is not part of your reputation management plan. Even the best brands have an unhappy customer somewhere with a complaint. Whether the brand gets a social media shout-out on Twitter for amazing customer service or an unhappy customer takes to Facebook and calls you a terrible brand solely depends on how these complaints are handled in the first place. Your customer service plan should include social media since many consumers take to social media to vent their happiness or dissatisfaction. It is imperative that every complaint and positive shout-out be responded to as soon as possible.


People who are fashion conscious also care about other aspects of their appearance – accessories, makeup, fitness, and overall lifestyle. Savvy PR specialists understand that partnering with brands from these industries provides fantastic opportunities for our fashion clients. For instance, a client’s logo on a celebrity’s sports bra, with a strategic health beverage placed in the ad while she washes her face before going to the gym, boosts the brand’s familiarity exponentially.


Fashion public relations represents one of the most difficult and competitive niches of specialty PR. Big brands usually dominate this arena-even budget ones=and breaking into this market can be difficult.

However, Dreamweaver Brand Communications, and integrated marketing and fashion PR agency can help. We can help you create a strong brand, we know the top fashion editors personally, influencer marketing we understand customer service and social media’s role in it, and identifying and collaborating with complimentary brands. – we know the possibilities are endless. Ready to read more about fashion? Check out our blog – Fast Five: Fashion Marketing and PR Agency Tips for Up and Coming Designers and Established Fashion Houses

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