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Boost Your Public Relations Campaign Using Keyword Research


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can amplify and benefit your public relations campaign by incorporating a digital marketing tactic: keyword research. Here’s how.

Attract Audiences with Headlines

PR experts know that headlines are not written quickly and without thought. Headlines need to be a certain length (characters and words), and even before digital marketing, they always included valuable words to attract attention. PR experts also know the SEO and PR benefit each other. Today, those same words are known as keywords. The headline draws in the reader and tells them what to expect once they click the headline or press release link. For example, if you incorporate keywords that are loosely based on the content, this is considered a bait-and-switch SEO and PR tactic and will damage your reputation, increase your bounce rate and not benefit the reader. Public relations campaigns require a variety of headlines – any digital press release or any content that is going to be online needs to incorporate keywords, so the content is easy to find online.

Optimize Website Copy and Blog Posts 

If your next public relations campaign is going to integrate website or blog post support, such as a themed landing page or blog post, incorporating keywords into the copy is vital. Incorporating keywords will make the content search engine friendly. Moreover, when an individual performs a search to locate information related to your PR campaign, your website pages, landing pages, or blog posts are much more likely to be included in search results by incorporating the right keywords into the copy.

Optimize Press Releases

New outlets are inundated with hundreds of press releases hourly, and it can be a daunting task to encourage media outlets to share press release due to the sheer number they receive. When working with a top PR agency, their team of PR experts knows how to optimize press releases to rank well in the various search engines. Media outlets want to share content that is going to be shared over and over again (even viral), so it is critical that your content be designed in a way that is easily shared forcing the media outlets to take notice.

Research New Keywords Often  

As seasons change and trends rise and fall, you need to refresh your keyword research. If your PR agency is running a public relations campaign for an extended period, you might need to update the campaign’s keywords will the campaign is ongoing. For example, if the content of your blog is directly related to a current trend that just emerged, it is best practice to update, optimize, and re-post the blog with new keywords based on your research.

Digital PR, digital marketing, content marketing and digital media are in a constant state of flux. This rapid pace of change requires integrated marketing and public relations to work together and in harmony. On their own, SEO and PR do not perform well – to be successful they need to lean on one another.


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