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Beverage Public Relations as Part of Integrated Marketing Plan


Historically, public relations as part of an integrated marketing campaign is one of the economical and effective methods to drive brand awareness. At Dreamweaver Brand Communications, we have executed beverage PR campaigns that transform a beverage brand to a household staple. Here are four reasons why beverage PR is so important.

 It Lets Consumers Know You Exist

No consumer will buy your beverage if they have never of it. A public relations campaign is an excellent strategic option to increase brand awareness and help establish your beverage in the marketplace. In particular, PR as part of integrated beverage marketing campaign is crucial in building brand recognition. With digital marketing at all-time highs and with the increasing use of ad-blocking technology, consumers are savvy at avoiding digital marketing messaging, but PR and influencer beverage marketing can fill that void and delivers your brand message to your target audience.

2) Control the Brand Story of Your Beverage Brand with PR

If you are a high-end functional beverage company hoping to extol the numerous health benefits of your product line, PR is a strategic method to convince consumers. Paid strategies like social media marketing and direct advertising are great however earned media is worth its weight in gold for your brand. An expert PR and marketing agency will get your brand featured in a magazine article, newspaper, or well-respect blog, through their media relationships, blogger outreach, and other public relations strategies. When a story does run, this is considered “earned media” and a third-party endorsement of your beverage.

3) PR Gives Your Beverage Brand Additional Credibility

Looking at the previous point, having an expert PR and marketing agency for your beverage brand is vital to ensure credibility among your target audience, the general public, and also the media. It is one thing to tell your target audience through social media marketing that your beverage is healthy and delicious; the difficult part is getting them to believe your brand messaging genuinely. A positive news story or blog post from a well-respected mommy blogger will serve as a strong third-party endorsement for your beverage and further convince consumers that your beverage is worth them purchasing. Also, a well-placed press placement will influence the consumer to choose your beverage over rivals. Lastly, digital public relations will improve your website’s overall SEO if the on-line story has a backlink from a site with high domain authority to your website.

4) Connect Your Beverage Brand with Industry Tastemakers

In the beverage sector, the opinions of beverage journalists, health journalists, social media influencers, and bloggers are of great importance. Their opinions hold a lot of weight in both the traditional and digital marketplace. Having an expert beverage marketing and public relations agency is an excellent method to ensure that beverage tastemakers know about your product and also spread the word about your beverage through an influencer marketing campaign. During the buyer’s journey, one positive review could convince a consumer to select your beverage from the shelf and purchase it.

Expert marketing and public relations campaigns for beverages are vital for your brand’s success. As part of an integrated marketing campaign, effective PR for your beverage brand plays a critical role in increasing brand awareness and making the consumer choose your beverage over another.

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