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Beverage Influencer Marketing with PR


The beverage industry is known to hand out accolades left and right. Today, most industries have taste makers. However, beverage brands rely on the tongues of known influencers, celebrities, bloggers, or even experts to increase brand awareness and subsequently drive sales.

Since food and beverage are essential for all people, the consumer wants to know that the beverage they purchased is the right choice. While established brands have name recognition and a solid reputation, new beverage brands do not have those luxuries and must use influencer marketing and beverage PR to appeal to both tastemakers, consumers and corporate buyers.

Why Inluencer Marketing is Essential?
Social and celebrity influencers are conduits to loyal customers with disposal income. Any beverage brand can sell a few bottles or even cases, but if you want to get people excited about your beverage brand, influencer marketing as part of an integrated marketing and public relations campaign is the perfect place to start.

Beverage influencers have spent years building their fan base and also earning the trust of their fans. The right influencer can help a beverage brand obtain a good deal of earned media in the form of press that otherwise would be impossible for your brand to get. Selecting the right influencer and influencer marketing campaign will not only save you time but also marketing dollars.

Leverage Bloggers in the Beverage Industry 
Bloggers are influencers. Typically, they are people who provide their opinions for a living to a target audience. Usually, they have an opinion about everything, not just your beverage. One type of influencer marketing and beverage PR campaign model is blogger outreach. Since the beverage industry is small and the number of bloggers is on the rise, finding the right blogger and influencer for your beverage can be difficult. At Dreamweaver Brand Communications we have existing contacts ranging from mommy bloggers, wellness bloggers, and even pain management bloggers to position your beverage with the right tastemakers. Blogger outreach as part of an influencer and beverage public relations campaign is often the first time the blogger has heard of your brand. From messaging to packaging, there is no room for error when making this first impression. In addition, earning a backlink from a well-respected blog can improve your SEO and is a benefit of a PR campaign.

Leverage Beverage Influencers
Not only is the beverage industry small, but it is also precision oriented. Beverages are aimed at a niche target audience. It is critical that your brand knows and understands the different buyer personas who would likely purchase your product but more importantly know how they like to be communicated with.

Unfortunately, in the beverage industry, everyone from influencers to bloggers, to the consumer will have an opinion about your brand. Integrating influencer marketing into your beverage’s PR and marketing campaigns are the future. Take control of the conversation in the beverage marketplace and guide the conversation through strategic public relations and showcase your brand on the shelf with influencer marketing.


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