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Are Mommy Bloggers One of the Most Power Social Media Influencers?


Brands can no longer overlook one of the most powerful social media influencers, the mommy blogger. In our previous blog, Influencer Marketing, Part 1, word-of-mouth recommendations generate twice the sales of paid advertising. With 66% of mothers saying word of mouth is their number one trusted source of information, social media influencers, such as the almighty mommy blogger cannot be ignored. Brands that partner with mommy bloggers can utilize them as part of their integrated brand communications and marketing campaign that includes: content marketing, social media advertising, social media influencers and search engine optimization to name just several of the integrated brand communications components.

Why Influential Mommy Bloggers Matter?

Mothers in every household across the United States have many roles while running a household. However, their two primary roles are “CFO,” Chief Family Officer and Chief Financial Officer. For those two reasons alone, mommy blogger social media influencers are a powerful force that can make or break an emerging brand or damage, at least in the short term an established brand. BrightLocal reports that 88% of people trust reviews written online; that includes reviews written by celebrity influencers who happen to be mothers like Gwyneth Paltrow or your favorite social media mommy blogger or mommy vlogger. Since mothers are the CFO of the household, they hold 85% of the purchasing power. Ironically, this same female demographic don’t trust big brands as they had in the past. With 66% of moms indicating word-of-mouth is their most reliable source of information and a staggering 81% of consumers in the United States trusting information and advice from bloggers; brands and even local businesses cannot ignore the power of the mom blogger influencers.

Why emerging and established brands cannot ignore the power of the mommy blogger influencer?

Consumers, especially mothers who are active on social media and online overwhelmed with advertisements from all directions, and on every device they utilize. (When is the last time you watched a full ad on YouTube; instead of just clicking “Skip Ad”)? Even if you did watch the full ad on YouTube did you trust the message or brand? According to, Lab42 a well-respected quantitative market research agency,  just 3% of those surveyed believed the claims made in the advertisement. That means 97% of respondents believe the claims in the ads to be false or misleading. Since mommy blogger social media influencers are such a powerful, influential, and social group, there is a plethora of research data available. In another survey of nearly 8,000 women, found that women are dissatisfied with the methods brands use to market their products to them. In other words, the messaging and delivery of the brand’s message is not getting through to this influential demographic.

Content Marketing and Social Media Influencers

Leading brands like Proctor & Gamble and many others are utilizing content marketing and content marketing agencies to win over consumers and to deliver their brand’s messaging.  Essentially, content marketing delivers quality, helpful, useful, and meaningful information to your target audience in an authentic way without overtly selling your product. Some leading brands integrate social media influencers and local search engine optimization into their content marketing strategy to further increase brand awareness and validate the brand or product in the consumers’ mind. On average, brands that use a content marketing agency and generate consistent great content experience increased web traffic, 7.8% higher to be exact and six times higher conversion rates when compared to brands that do not use content marketing according to leading content marketing agency, Kapost.

How can companies use content marketing to achieve their sales and marketing goals and objectives?

Brands need to use content to create and build meaningful, longstanding connections with consumers through high-quality, engaging content. Creating content that connects with your target audience requires an experienced marketing agency. Despite the rise of video, one of the most meaningful ways to connect with consumers is still blogging. According to one recent study, an overwhelming 61% of consumers feel more comfortable purchasing from a company that generates custom content. Brands that do not have a content marketing strategy and blog regularly are at a distinct disadvantage when the purchasing when it is time to make the purchasing decision. Consumers purchase from brands they trust; blogging is a way to connect with your target audience and build trust with them and also increase your page authority with Google and enhance your SEO if you are a mommy blogger.

Brands and companies that leverage the power of a mothers’ experience an increased level of success. Historically, mothers always shared information, now in the digital age, instead of connecting at while watching their children play soccer, mothers connect online and can amplify a brand’s message just through online conversations. Moms can be counted on to spread the word about their favorite products or brands. Almost 14% of American mothers that is four million moms consider themselves active bloggers. These same mommy bloggers on average mention 73 different brands per week so for brands that connect with active mommy bloggers can enhance their reach organically.

Why Social Media Influencer Mommy Bloggers Matter?

The reason mommy blogger influencers matter is simple; they matter because of their power and their ability to guide or sway other mothers. Mothers are a social group both in their local communities and the online mommy communities they are members of and engage with. Since 66% of mothers believe word-of-mouth is the best reference and trusted a source of information and an astonishing 81% of consumers, trust and act upon advice from well-known, influential bloggers. Here are a few points to put those numbers into perspective for brands:

  • Knowledge: Mothers tend to trust other mothers advice on a variety of subjects, not just on diapers and baby formula. So why wouldn’t a mother believe a well-respected mommy blogger? Mommy bloggers are experiencing the same things, challenges, and happiness that you are- from diaper changing experiences, new work-life balance dimensions and of course new home dynamics with your husband or partner. Mommy bloggers can connect on an emotional level with their readers and followers because they are mothers – one of the strongest bonds on earth.
  • Massive Reach: In this world of digital information overload, savvy consumers want to narrow down their choices, and a blog, from an authentic mommy blogger, helps busy moms do that. In the U.S. alone, 61% of consumers are willing to make purchases on recommendations from a well-respected blog.
  • Authenticity: Mommy bloggers are influential because they are authentic. Mommy bloggers mention brands in their blog but only brands they know and trust and would recommend to their friends or fellow mothers. Despite the monetization of mommy blogging, mommy bloggers do not just post about any product because it is their reputation at stake despite the monetization of mommy blogging. So if a product is below their expectations or didn’t perform, they will share that as well. Authenticity is earned, and mommy bloggers take their reputation seriously.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Everyone loves new, fresh, engaging and informative content, even Google. With Google’s latest algorithm update placing increased emphasis on generating high-quality content, having a content marketing strategy as a brand or mommy blogger has never been so important. If you are a mommy blogger who is fortunate enough to have thousands of followers engaging with and linking back to your content on your website, this will help boost the credibility of your website and blog in the eyes of Google and to potential brands who would like you to share their product with your followers.

Mothers Have the Final Say in Every Household

Traditional advertising no longer reaches parents, especially mothers. Established and emerging brands need to include mommy bloggers in their content marketing strategy to authentically reach and engage the target mother audience. Imagine all the moms watching their children play soccer and sharing it on social media and are on the sidelines reading a book unengaged. Being a mother is a wonderful experience and connecting with other mothers organically and authentically only enhances this experience. With 85% of mothers making the purchasing decisions in their households, brands that are not using mommy blogger influencers as part of their content marketing strategy need to take a second look.

Industry leading integrated marketing agencies, such as Dreamweaver Brand Communications, know the value of online communities and have been part of and engaged with mommy bloggers since they first appeared online. We have longstanding relationships with some of the top mommy bloggers and have successfully matched brands with them.


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