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5 Reasons Why Consumer Packaged Goods Companies Should Work With Influencers


Authentic and genuine influencers have rapidly become one of the most powerful brand development, advocacy, and marketing tool a CPG company can use. These are five reasons why influencer marketing is effective for CPG brands.

Increase Brand Awareness and Trust
Selecting and using genuine and authentic influencers means that your CPG product and brand can piggyback on the established trust and reach the influencer has built over time with their fan base. The greater the trust they have earned, the stronger their positive sediments will resound with their audience.

Generate Sales
If an influencer willingly endorses your brand or if your brand enters into a formal influencer marketing contract with an influencer since their audience matches your target market there will be sales. However, using more than one influencer, incorporating micro-influencers, and different types of influencer marketing campaigns for different target audiences will improve the success of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Content Creation
High-quality content is essential to branding and marketing and leveraging CPG influencer and bloggers to create content about your brands enables you to share links to that content with your existing audience. Also, if the influencer is an active blogger and backlinks to your site, this could also improve your SEO.

It is important to remember that the influencers followers trust the endorsement of your brand and it could be the hottest product on the market; they might not have the discretionary funds in the budget or the need for your product at this time. With content creation campaigns, the influencer is casting a wide net, but it is important to be realistic and reap the long term benefits.

Conversation Starters
Both influencers and micro-influencers spend considerable time building and growing their following, but more importantly, they have learned how to interact with their followers and earned their trust. Since influencers know their audience intimately, they know which types of posts will generate engagement and conversations. By partnering with an influencer that knows their audience and an experienced influencer marketing agency, we can use their historical data and create targeted marketing campaigns that drive ROI and conversations around your brand.

Hyper Specific Brand Targeting
Brand referrals come from trusted sources like family, friends, and fellow consumers in the shopping isle. In fact, 84% of B2B buyers indicate that a referral started the purchasing decision for them. Social media influencers who have cultivated followers that fit your buyer personas, those consumers your CPG brand believes will benefit from and purchase your product. Unlike forms of paid media like radio, magazine, and television advertisements, your influencer marketing agency can match you with a CPG influencer with a following that most likely will purchase your product. Spending the time to match your brand with the right influencer is a smart way to spend your already tight marketing resources instead of wasting valuable resources on consumers who will never become customers.

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