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5 Qualities To Look For In A Brand Ambassador


Your company’s success starts with positive reviews from customers. However, how will you get those reviews if no one knows you exist?

A good brand ambassador will get those reviews for you. All you need to do is find someone who loves your products, fits your brand and brand values, and is willing to become a paid brand ambassador or a long-term influencer.

Sound hard?

It is not as hard as you think if you know what to look for and partner with an experienced influencer marketing agency. This guide will tell you how we help you find brand ambassadors that work for your brand.

What Is a Brand Ambassador?
A brand ambassador is a customer who loves your product so much they are excited to share their positive experience with your brand. This builds trust and credibility for your brand because the ambassador is either a regular person – just like all your other customers or a long-term brand ambassador like a celebrity who all your customers are familar with. There are roughly three different kinds of brand ambassadors: free, paid, and the half & half. 

The Free Ambassador
The free ambassador is a person who loves and uses your brand so often and share their experience, the become a free ambassador. You should work closely with this type of ambassador who love your product and want to spread the word on social media, their blog or YouTube so your brand messages remains consistent. You may want to guide them or provide them with a rough outline of how to deliver your message. Remember, they are not marketing experts, so promoting your product in a way that attracts attention may not come naturally to them. Sometimes a little free product can go a long way. 

The Paid Ambassador
Some brand ambassadors have fantastic experience and understand how to work with brands. These influencers have earned credibility in the industry or in their niche, which is why they are paid for their services and for access to their followers.

If your company has additional influencer marketing budget to invest, this kind of ambassador may be worth your while.

The Half & Half
This is a customer who is willing to promote your products but decides to ask for some reimbursement somewhere down the line. They may happily promote your products without payment or they may ask for payment upfront as part of their contract.

It’s up to you to decide.

Why Are Brand Ambassadors Important?
When you have a brand ambassador speaking for your products, other customers do not have to take your word for it anymore. They can look at what real, relatable people have to say.

Brand ambassadors give you another voice that can reach customers in a different way. People like hearing or reading reviews about products they are interested in. Most people specifically look for good reviews before buying anything.

How Do I Find Brand Ambassadors?
There are a few different ways to find brand ambassadors for your products. One of which is by looking at your competitors’ social media followings. Find out which customers are active on your competitors’ pages and get in touch with them. Explain that you are selling similar products and ask if they would be interested in promoting them. Typically, brands do not have the experience to conduct this type of outreach and negotiation and rely on their agency to handle it. However, brands can always suggest ambassadors they would like to work with to their agency.

Another option, is letting some of your own customers try your products for free. If they liked the products, reach out to them and talk about the possibility of becoming a brand ambassador. The second option is good on a micro-influencer level not for a global brand ambassador.

The Qualities You Want to Look For
No matter what brand ambassadors you decide to work with or how you end up finding them, there are several qualities you will want to look for before you make your work relationship official. You want to avoid an ambassador who is difficult to work with or an ambassador who will potentially let you and your company down. 

Let’s go over the top five qualities to look for in a brand ambassador

You want someone with a bubbly personality who can naturally draw other people toward them. The people who interact with your ambassador will associate the experience with your brand, so make sure the experience is a positive one.

You do not want someone who’s going to get bored quickly or who’s rude. Instead, find someone who is patient, energetic, and relatable.

Your ambassador should have an understanding of your product and your target market. For example, if your fashion line is aimed target audience are mothers, your ambassador should either be a mother herself or at least share a love for kids and family life.

Quick Learner
They have to understand everything about your company’s services, background, and product before they can be effective. So you’ll want someone who can pick all that up quickly.

If you have to spend weeks training them, you are probably better off finding someone else.

This quality is especially important if you are bringing your ambassador with you to an event or activation.

They should show up looking like the embodiment of your brand. Depending on your company, this may require formal business clothes, nice casual clothes or, if you are a fashion brand for example, they should be wearing your collection. You may want to provide them with a uniform depending on the occasion.

They should act polite and professional during events and engage with customers in a friendly manner.

However, events do not always go as planned, so your ambassador needs to be flexible and able to think on their feet. If something goes wrong, they must be able to adapt to the change while staying professional.

Commitment is an important trait. Your ambassador should be excited and committed to your product and willing to work hard for the benefit of your company. From working a few extra hours at an event to going the extra mile to deliver your company’s message – your brand ambassador should be happy and willing to do so.

Your ambassador should be able to push through situations in a friendly, polite, and professional manner when needed.

Specialized Skills
This depends on your company’s specific needs. For example, if your company markets to both English and Spanish speaking communities, you will want to find an ambassador who can speak both languages.

Your brand may not require someone with special skills, but if it does, spend some extra time looking for a person who’ll represent your brand effectively.

Find Someone Who’s Right for You
Take your time finding an ambassador that will work well for your company. You may want to pick someone who has a background that relates to your company. Such an influencer may seem hard to find, but you will be surprised, by partnering with the right agency, how many brand ambassadors influencers are willing to work with your brand – if you know where to look.

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