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4 Reasons Why Your B2B or B2C Business Should Invest in Content Marketing


Still debating if content marketing is right for your B2B or B2C business? Content marketing is one of the few strategic digital marketing strategies with minimal capital investment and the high potential ROI, Dreamweaver Brand Communications encourages you to read on with an open mind if you are still hesitant about content marketing for your business.

Best-selling author and entrepreneur, Seth Goodin states “Content marketing is the only marketing left,” and with good reason. Hiring a content marketing agency enables your business to tap new opportunities and increase sales. Depending on your content marketing strategy, it could range from publishing a few blog posts a week, creating a YouTube video or even recording a posting, new content in any form helps during the information phase of customer acquisition process flipping consumers into customers. Here are four reasons why content marketing works:

1) Supplement your current marketing strategy with content marketing.

For many B2B and B2C businesses, content marketing appears so radically different from what their current marketing strategy. Are you already focusing on website SEO? Do you have a PPC campaign running? Started influencer marketing to grow your social media followers? Many of Dreamweaver Brand Communications content marketing clients answer “yes” to at least one of those questions.

Strategic content marketing complements all of the above marketing strategies. For example, for PPC, it provides your landing page optimization and opportunities. Often, a customer is at a different stage of the sales funnel, just not at the buying stage. This is where content marketing helps; it provides the consumer relevant information during their unique buyer journey.

A well-optimized B2B or B2C blog can establish your business as an authority, dive into industry insights and topics, become an industry resource and provide answers consumers are seeking about your products and services. Once a potential customer or lead lands on your blog post a marketing agency can strategically market to them via advertisements Adwords remarketing once they depart your website.

Most likely, you have already implemented basic SEO on your website; then you understand the importance keywords, public relations and search engine optimizationplay in increasing your search rankings. By implementing a blog, your content marketing agency can integrate and incorporate additional keywords in an SEO friendly method that will boost your rankings organically and inexpensively.

While many companies have not embraced influencer marketing, social media is a standard for most businesses. However, most businesses do not have relevant content to share. By hiring a content marketing agency, you can enhance and increase your social media presence and engage an already interested consumer right to your website through relevant blog posts.

2) Increase and drive targeted website traffic.

Content marketing will increase website traffic and visitors through all of the channels mentioned above. Better yet, that traffic is high-quality traffic! Recent studies show that content marketing is more effective in obtaining qualified leads than interruption-based messaging.  Content marketing doubles website conversion rate from 6% to 12%. Why might you ask? It is because you are connecting with customers on their terms, at a time when they need information about what you are offering. Instead of pushing an advertisement on them, you provide them helpful content, building trust and establishing your business as an industry authority. Trust builds a healthy relationship between your B2B or B2C business and the consumer. In fact, it is often debated that content marketing is the only scalable form of relationship based marketing.

3) Minimal Risk.

Running a PPC campaign, display ads, or social advertising on Facebook costs money. Since there are setup fees and other upfront costs with those marketing strategies and it takes analysis and trial and error until you find the right marketing blend that brings high-quality traffic to your site through paid ads.

However, content marketing has minimal setup and upfront costs, and since your content marketing agency will be publishing to your website, there is minimal cost to keep it up and running. Over time, your marketing agency will analyze your audience and see how they respond to one content marketing channel versus another (e.g. videos instead of blogs) and make the required changes to keep your audience engaged and interested.

4) Content marketing is here to stay.

If all of your competitors hired a marketing agency to leverage content marketing, you will get left in the dust. Current research backs this statement up. 88% of B2B businesses and 76% of B2C companies are leveraging some form of content marketing to grow their business. Due to the widespread adoption of content marketing, 50% of businesses are expanding their content marketing campaigns in the near future.

Don’t get left in the dust by your competitors when it comes to content marketing. Contact Dreamweaver Brand Communications today for your complimentary content marketing evaluation.


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